Mobile Collaborative Anxiety Learning and Management system

MCALM is a comprehensive treatment support tool that can be used in support of ongoing therapist-driven treatment to improve tracking, effectiveness, and efficiency of treatment.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize therapy

Cloud-based communication and advanced biometrics enable you to spend less time gathering data and more time in active treatment.

Mobile Classification Algorithm

Transforming raw biometric data into meaningful metrics, providing insight into previously hidden triggers.

Event Indicators

Allows you to track and assess physiological and contextual indicators of life events.

Remote Analysis and Review

Capturing patient data to a remote secure server, allowing you to quickly and easily access relevant patient metrics.

Mobile Relaxation Strategies

Guided strategies including biofeedback, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation exercises.

Biosensor Wristband

Captures key biometrics such as BVP, EDA, temperature, and motion; connecting via bluetooth through our patient mobile app.

Treatment Reminders

Providing reminders to help patients stay on track in between therapy sessions.