Revolutionizing mental health therapy

MCALM connects patients and providers like never before, with the introduction of pioneering realtime patient biometrics.

Core Components

MCALM provides a real time window into patients’ daily lives, tracking relevant events, triggers, and therapy advancement. With this solution, you and your patient will experience more focused sessions - spending less time gathering data and more time in active treatment.

Web Portal
Allows you to quickly and easily identify patterns of behavior to enhance the quality of communications with patients.
Mobile App
Adds groundbreaking biometrics tracking with daily access to standard therapy practices, including self reflection and relaxation strategies.
Bio Sensors
Captures underlining biometrics associated with life events, providing insight into previously hidden triggers.

Web Portal

Patterns of behavior are revealed through cutting-edge data visualization.

Triggers Mitigation Screenshot
Calendar View

Color coded events provide a quick glance summary of daily, weekly, and monthly patient trends. Supports side by side comparisons of biometric and self reported events.

Triggers Mitigation Screenshot
Events Map Overlay

Highlights key locations associated with events of interest. Provides insight into events at home, work, and other commonly visited patient locations.

Triggers Mitigation Screenshot
Triggers and Mitigation

Customizable event triggers are summarized across frequency and severity, and aligned with mitigation techniques utilized. Allows you to see how therapy is implemented daily.

Additional Features

Patient Management
Supports multi patient tracking and analysis.
Homework & Reflections
Communicate assignments from web portal to patient mobile app.
Report Generator
Easily create customized patient reports and export to PDF.

Patient Mobile App

Provides patient with groundbreaking biometrics tracking and daily access to standard therapy practices. Allows you to customize patients realtime access to relaxation strategies and send personalized homework.


An unobtrusive wristband device that captures biometrics in realtime - feeding continuous physiological data to the patient mobile app.